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Crackhouse Dream.
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24th-Dec-2007 06:15 pm - NEW EVENT

On the 12th Day of Christmaswinternakkuhkwanzaaween, the Pixie gave to...

Kagura - a Nyamo plushie.
Osaka - a rainstick.

Rukia - a rabbit.

L/Ryuzaki - a Hershey's cookbook. With awesome pictures.
Matt - Guitar Hero 3.
Mello - a cubic box of chocolate.
Near - a new set of Legos.

Rosa - a new bow.
Rydia - a pretty jeweled tiara thing.

Celes - a bandana...

Cloud - a new motorbike. Actually it's his old one with a big upgrade.
Lucrecia - a charm bracelet.
Rufus - a Red Ryder BB gun with a scope and everything. Feel like a kid again.
Tseng - a new bathrobe and slippers. Bunny slippers.

Larsa - A back massager.

Sora - a new keychain. The keyblade resembles the KH2 Halloween Town keyblade but edible.
Roxas - a blue orb...
Repliku - a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, damn it.
Riku - Goth pants. Mm, chains.
Namine - a new sketchbook and a set of pencils.
Axel - a jar of fireworks.

Necoco - a new pair of gay underwear.

Lucy - a fluffy fur coat, completely not of real fur too.

Masamune - A new set of armor and some armor polish.

Colette - a blue dress.

Tear - a Mieu plushie.
Guy - a suave jacket.
Luke - an outfit that looks like it was stolen out of Asch's closet.

Desu - a glowstick rope.

[ These characters wake up to the smell of a wonderful Christmas breakfast and these items under a crooked blue tree for them. If I forgot anyone, smack me. ]
20th-Dec-2007 05:41 pm(no subject)
[he groans, and turns over on to his back. he wore no helmet and was bunked without any of his armor on a comfortable bed, away from the rest of the so-called "idiots". Masamune frowns in his sleep and turns back again.]

Mhmmm...5 more damn minutes! I'm still tired...[he falls back to sleep, but miserably wakes up again]

Well, this sucks.
20th-Dec-2007 05:38 pm(no subject)
[he stretches groggily and scratches his head. the moment he opened his eyes, he was already smiling.]

Man! I feel refreshed, more than ever! So, what's been happening around here? It's strange. Even though we're all in a dream, you can still sleep like it's reality!

Hey Luke! Tear! How're you all doing?
19th-Dec-2007 06:30 pm(no subject)
Eyes closing against the starry sky, Larsa lolled his dark head back against the impossibly plush grass and sighed. Absolutely nothing might have seemed dull when the possibilities were limitless, but the child-ruler could bring himself to do nothing else.

He'd spent what certainly felt like countless days dwelling and exhausting himself over the situation. What was going on? Frustratingly, he'd missed the gathering that might have surfaced some answers. Was this all spanning a single night, or was his physical being stuck in a sleep from which it was not waking? If so, how was the matter being handled? How was his Archades fairing? Dozens of images and scenarios conjured in the boy's head, most of them leaving his young brow so furrowed, he thought his face might just stick that way.

Now here he was, done with stressing himself towards an ulcer and putting his complete faith in Basch, something he probably should have just done in the first place (though what sort of Emperor would he be if he didn't worry at all). Worst case, Larsa knew the man would be able to properly handle the situation.
9th-Dec-2007 12:25 am - house party. [open tag!]
[ The Blue Room stands with its doors open into a grand place. Blue everywhere: blue drapes, blue beanbags on the floor, royal blue carpet, skylights into a blue and distant sky, blue tables with... surprisingly normal-colored food-- salad, soup, candy, pizza and other junk-- save the blue punch. It smells like raspberry. Oh yeah, there's cake and carrots, but no carrot cake. Sorry guys.

The beanbags and some comfy armchairs are arranged to face a blue wood podium, which kinda loses its commanding effect as it's simply placed on the floor. There's a few minutes for people to mill around and socialize before the feathered fairy climbs on top of the podium and sits down, waiting. ]
7th-Dec-2007 01:18 am - Special event!
[ Every prisoner character mysteriously receives a blue envelope. Inside is a plain white invitation, save for the text, which looks like a three-year-old wrote it. ]

AlL yOur qweztonz anSweReD!!! Y R U heRe????? whar U gOiNN? or jUsT plAiN confUSED?
come 2 teh BLUE ROOM lokayted sumwhar in teh ManShuN on Dsembre 9!!!!!

O                                             O


[ Why yes, that is a giant smiley. Post your reactions here, if ya want, or start a new thread~ ]
1st-Dec-2007 02:15 pm - Another day at the office! (open)
Elena hummed to herself as she typed up her report. Despite the dullness it sometimes had, it did get her thinking about which words to use, and she di enjoy it.
However, today, it was a little harder to concentrate on her work. Probably because she was thinking about the wonderful time she had with Tseng last night.....

She sighed. "I hope that another exciting thing will happen soon..."
The town square could've passed for a graveyard in this condition. The centerpiece, a beautiful fountain, sat frozen in place. There were no signs of life, just a good three or four inches of snow blotting everything, rounding edges, preserving some mysteriously pristine place for eyes that had vanished long ago. The sun was only a memory; some partly-cloudy-gray sky hinted at late afternoon emptiness.

One set of eyes lingered on the dead landscape. They seemed to be the only color here, a soul-sucking greenish blue. His hair was snowy, like the fuzzy trim on his winter coat. It buttoned down to dull trousers and slate blue boots. Silently, Riku bent to pack some snow into a snowball.
30th-Nov-2007 09:54 pm - *Screened from Tseng*
*Happy squeal*
This place really is literally making dreams come true!
My relationship with the man I was in love with for years is blooming, and I think he finally loves me back!^^
Even though he sometimes can be super angsty, and there's a chance he might have a breakdown someday.... But the fact that Rufus is now here will help...

He told me he really trusted me, and we had ice cream and a walk along the port, and then we cuddled on the couch together and fell asleep like that, then we made breakfast together... *Sigh*
It was so romantic!!!
Oh Tseng....
28th-Nov-2007 03:41 pm(no subject)

Well, well, well....This should prove to be interesting.


[Sits down in an empty bar. Even though he's alone for the time being, he's still trying to hide the fact that he's snooping for alcohol.]

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